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About us


Natural gas is cleaner than other fuel types and is a more economical fuel, natural gas conversion systems have been caused by heat and process used in our country, and more widespread use of natural gas each day.
All installations on the use of natural gas, the product specific technical requirements and technical services for the needs of these products has gained importance with each passing day. Both domestic as well as industrial gas installations, regulation, control and measurement systems for the goods today has become the most important products.
E-GAS company was founded in 2003 by Enis EKSEL who has vast experience in the natural gas sector since 1986. Understanding not only the sale and supply of equipment for e-Gaz, but not limited to the service, with the selection of the correct system for products sold in engineering and consulting services are also performed. With this service, and international collaborations e-gaz industry has managed to become the most trusted company.
E-GAS, high quality and service standards, sustainability, enhanced by his international collaborations. Today, the world-famous RIELLO burners and gas regulators, filters, hand-winding products, leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and burner gas solenoid valve is distrübütörlüğü'nü Italian MADAS brands in Turkey.
RIELLO have quite a wide range of products and next MADAS products, product categories Pietro Fiorentini, Tecno Control, ECA-Elster, Actaris, Castle Mold, Batusan, Dungs, Honeywell, Siemens-Landis, Pakkens, RMG, Tartarini, Maxitrol, GWF, Dresser , APQ, Imeter, GWF Hui Chun brand for products and services are provided as well.
E-GAZ leadership and reliability in the industry, professional staff, technical advisory service to customers, fast shipping, continuous inventory, organization of after-sales service and ethical business principles to come forward and are proud to serve our valued customers.